Sarah was born in the UK and grew up in Canada and Texas. In 1983 she moved to New York City. Today she lives in Brooklyn where she works and maintains an active studio practice in the Crown Heights.



Artist Statement

When I was a child, I would swing and watch the sky, filling my imagination with thoughts and feelings about my place in that space. I am still observing the world through that lens, the feelings, and emotions from an inner landscape of experiences. Today it is a conversation, a diary of observations, spontaneous feelings, and actions to the world around me.

The Painting  

My painting is autobiographical diaries from a feminist point of view.  Shapes and lines may suggest figures, sexuality, creation, innocence and aggression.  The application of line, color/BW and movement create inferences of these perceptions through my imagination. By deconstructing an emotional narrative, it becomes expressed through abstraction in a visual dialogue with the applied action.  Figures emerge in and out of work through layers, deconstructing details and arriving an expressive abstraction.

In the splash work the layers are arrested with pure lines of abstraction with out any intention of investigating anything suggestive, rather a final response to an intitial feeling.

In some cases the figures are clearly suggested, in other work, there are only hints only to be lost in the layers of response.  These pronouncements in my work evolve into a series, starting with small narrative studies of human context and detail. Ultimately, it is a spontaneous response to the dialogue with myself, studied in smaller detail (on paper) and typically more conceptual than the larger paintings, where the ideas conclude.


The Drawing

My pencil and charcoal work (w mixed media) are technical exercises and the groundswell to larger work .  They can be highly conceptual, depending on the rhythm of the idea as they occure in the moment of practice. Every application is a layering process, with inferences of internal physiological structures, random word sketches, and moods of chaos -- such as the continuous line drawing layered in lead weight application. What determines the process is the urgency of the dialogue between my thoughts, and the resolve.




Columbia University, GSA, Advanced Painting Intensive 2019

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn,  NY Masters Design Management MPS

Harvard University GSD, Boston, MA Continuing Education Courses

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn,  NY Bachelor of Arts BFA

Domus Academy, Milan, Italy   History & Industrial Design

Art Students League, New York, NY Painting & Drawing

Residences & Workshops

Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, Residency Painting Fellowship
Wellspring House, Ashfield, MA Writers Retreat
Louise Brown Workshop, Brooklyn, NY Color
Harborview Arts, NYC Artisit Workshops NYCHA, Teaching Artist